May 19th, 2018

New Life Christian Church

401 W Edgewood Ct

Morton, IL

Our Culture Is Obsessed with Sex and It's Affecting The Church of Jesus Christ.


Jesus' Outsider Ministries is here to help you deal with this plague head on. We holding our second conference on the issue May of 2018 in Morton, IL. We can't be silent as the Body of Christ carries in it this infection.


This is the second conference we've put on in Central Illinois. The first, Sex, Porn, and Freedom, was held at Glad Tidings Assembly of God in East Peoria in June of 2016. With the growth of sexual harassment and cultural acceptance of pornography, we could not let the issue lie.


We're going beyond the content of the original. In addition to clinical information about the addiction and workshops for those who admit to the struggle, we've added a number of breakouts for ministry leaders, pastors, parents, and others to deal with the consequences of sexual sin and its prevention. The Content page will be updated as more are confirmed.


As we get closer, there will be resources for ministries, churches, and businesses to help promote the conference to their people. Printable materials, FAQ's, and other media will be uploaded once complete.


We've just added a companion blog post about Sexual Integrity that may answer some questions you may have.


Please join us and see how you can be a part of the solution.


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The Problem Is Real!

Who Is Jesus' Outsider Ministries?


Started as a podcast in 2008 under the (horrible) name The Wicket Gate Ministries Podcast, we have grown into much more. The name was adopted in 2012 as a reflection of the direction we were headed and that the founders had always been the socially acceptable outcasts.


In late 2015, we felt the call of the Lord to move beyond media ministry and into speaking and conferences. In addition to several opportunities to speak at ministries including the Audiofeed Music Festival we started putting on conferences of our own. Out of The Shadows is our second dealing with pornography and sexual sin.


For more about who we are and our history, please visit our main site by clicking here or on the our logo below.

We Need Your Support


In order make The Out of The Shadows Conference a complete success, we need additional funding and resources. There are costs that we will incur before the first run of tickets go on sale. Some of this we already have but it's nowhere near enough to cover the expenses.


We have a number of ways that ministries, Christian-owned businesses, and individuals can contribute. For more information on what we need the money to cover and how you can help, please visit the Sponsor page.