May 19th, 2018

New Life Christian Church

401 W Edgewood Ct

Morton, IL

There's Something for Everyone


The Out of The Shadows Conference is a fully comprehensive seminar on the dangers of pornography, sexual sin, and their consequences. It has been designed so that everyone can come. Pastors, ministry leaders, parents, addicts, and everyone concerned with the issue will find something they need.


We're very excited to announce the full lineup for the day! Times for the workshops will be announced closer to the day of the conference.


Our main sessions will be:


Opening Session - Pastor Mike Kerby on the Problem of Pornography and Sexual Sin in the Church and The Effects It's Having


Keynote Speaker: Greg Skibinski of Agape Christian Counseling


Our Workshop topics:


  • Parenting of Teens and Talking About Sex/Porn
  • Testimony about Women and Pornography and Sexual Addiction
  • Ministering to Divorcing/Divorced Couples and Recovery
  • Intro to Recovery for Partners
  • Preventing Adultery
  • Dealing With The Aftermath of An Affair
  • The Role Recovery Groups Have in Freedom
  • Resist your BAIT, Avoid the Trap
  • Breaking the Chains of Porn, Building the Chains of Bold Purity


All of the speakers will address the topics in ways that will equip you to deal with this festering cancer in your church, your home, and your life.



  • Greg Skibinski, Agape Cristian Counseling Group, CSAT, LCPC
  • Cesli M. Vaccaro, Agape Christian Counseling Group, LCPC, CSAT, CMAT
  • Pstr. Mike Kerby, Director and Podcast Host, Jesus' Outsider Ministries
  • Kimberly Kerby, Pastoral Care Director, Jesus' Outsider Ministries
  • Pstr. Darren Anderson, Assoc. Pastor, WayPoint Community Church, Conference Speaker, Jesus' Outsider Ministries
  • Rich Gerberding, Men of AIM
  • Representatives from Celebrate Recovery


Full Speaker Bios on the Next Page (Pending)

What We're Not Going To Do


There is one thing we will not be discussing. We will not be addressing the politics or legality of pornography. Trying to deal with these matters through legislation or the courts will not help the problem. This conference isn't going to deal with whether or not someone has the right to view this material or to produce it. That is not our purpose.


For many years, the church engaged in political activities and courtroom battles in attempt to stem the tide of pornography that floods our nation. Obviously, that was unsuccessful. It has become ingrained in our culture and is more of an issue for the church than it has ever been. Using these tactics changed nothing and may have even been counterproductive.


It is the role of the Church of Jesus Christ to bring freedom from sin through His redemption and His Word. We're not talking about taking porn or sexual sin away from anyone. It's about drawing people away from their sin. The fundamental message of the Gospel is where we have our real power.


Our purpose is to equip the local church, families, and individuals to overcome the evil of pornography and the rise of the acceptance of sexual immorality in the church.