May 19th, 2018

New Life Christian Church

401 W Edgewood Ct

Morton, IL

There's Something for Everyone


The Out of The Shadows Conference is a fully comprehensive seminar on the dangers of pornography, sexual sin, and their consequences. It has been designed so that everyone can come. Pastors, ministry leaders, addicts, and everyone concerned with the issue will find something they need.


Workshops and speakers are being developed to deal with as many aspects of sexual sin, pornography, and their consequences as possible. We already have several on the schedule with more in development.


Several topics are on the docket including:


  • How Pornography and Sexual Sin Are Affecting the Church
  • The Science of Pornography Addiction
  • Women and Pornography Addiction
  • Divorce
  • Preventing Adultery
  • Dealing With The Aftermath of An Affair
  • The Role Recovery Groups Have in Freedom
  • What's Your B.A.I.T.?
  • The Chains that Bind


Additional topics will be announced as we add them. We're working on dealing with the therapeutic side of recovery, protecting yourself and family from online and mobile pornography, and more. Check back for more details!

What We're Not Going To Do


There is one thing we will not be discussing. We will not be addressing the politics or legality of pornography. Trying to deal with these matters through legislation or the courts will not help the problem. This conference isn't going to deal with whether or not someone has the right to view this material or to produce it. That is not our purpose.


It is the role of the Church of Jesus Christ to bring freedom from sin through His redemption and His Word. We're not talking about taking porn or sexual sin away from anyone. It's about drawing people away from their sin.